Raw Food & Our Immune System

The Power of our Immune System

The Common Cold… There is arguably nothing is more frustrating or more perplexing than that terrible feeling… we wake up on any given morning feeling run down, stuffy, congested, lethargic, headachy, and downright lousy! You’d think at this stage of the game we’d have a quick fix or cure for such a thing, right? Well, not yet. To this day, scientists continue to look for that “evasive germ” or “super virus” they say is to blame for such a small problem. But science has shown us it’s not the basic problem we thought it was – it’s bigger. Back in the mid 1920s, science made the headlines with the “discovery of a germ responsible for the common cold.” It was huge news!  We had it partially right back then, but we just didn’t have the technology we have today to see the bigger picture.

Fast Forward to the Present Day…

Technology, medicine and science have made tremendous strides since the ‘20s, but not with regard to the common cold! What we do know about it its roots are part of a viral strain known as Rhinovirus. The immunity weakens and we start to feel run down, achy and yucky! Maybe we get a head cold, sore throat, fever, sinus problems, etc. The big question is why can’t we just take a pill to get rid of it? Because the common cold is elusive!

Did You Know?

In some ways, the common cold is a GOOD sign your immunity is actually working.  It tells us the body is trying to fight off bad germ invaders and in so doing, it throws you into bed for a number of days while it tries to heal you. It’s never fun, but rarely earth-shattering.

Detox: Kill the Cold Bugs, Strengthen Your Immunity

What we do know from our more holistic ancestors is that the body creates waste, especially when we’re sick. When we eat poorly, don’t get enough sleep or rest, or when we’re under a lot of stress, the body begins to run down and builds up toxins along the way. So when you wake up feeling all stuffy, headachy and lousy one morning, it’s the body’s way of shutting you down for protection from bigger problems. The body is truly a remarkable creation and when you respect it, it takes care of you!

While the common cold isn’t necessarily a big deal in and of itself, more serious conditions can develop when we don’t pay attention to what are bodies are telling us. Our health is all rooted in the IMMUNITY. When our immunity is run down and we continue to ignore the warning signs, that common cold might actually be Influenza or even more serious conditions such as Pneumonia or Epstein-Barr Virus (Mononucleosis). We really do need to care for our bodies, but so many people take them for granted, which is a shame. If you don’t protect your immunity a common cold can be something far worse later on, guaranteed.

The Fix:

For many people, drinking herbal tea, fruit juices and lots of water, forces you into a type of “mini-fast” for a few days while you’re under the weather. If you follow a liquid diet with only raw foods, it cleanses the body and allows you to get better rest and heal faster. In fact, a regimen of raw foods and juices has been found to be the best way to prevent the accumulation of waste and mucus, especially within inside the colon. Most people don’t think about it, but when you’re sick and run down clean the colon and you will move through any common cold you have much faster! Now, maybe a little chicken soup might help, depending on what you believe and if you like chicken soup! However, the more you can eat and drink pure raw foods and liquids the faster the body will heal.

Once you heal up it’s important to get back to eating properly, exercising daily, get your sleep, and try to reduce stress as much as possible. You can’t go wrong with advice like that.

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