Introduction to Raw Foods

The Human Body is an Amazing, Yet Complex System

Our bodies are completely dependent on what we feed them.  The food and beverages you consume directly impacts how your body performs, and what you’re consuming may or may not be compatible with YOUR particular body. Everyone is different, even twins have a slightly different chemical makeup and constitution from one another.  They may look alike and share the same genetic code, but there will always be differences to some degree! 

We Are “Starved” For A Good Food Education

In recent years, people have slowly begun to wake up to the importance of a high quality diet, but only slightly. There is a lot of educational work to be done and our goal at Raw Food Guru is to do exactly that… educate everyone we can.  As you continue to read the information provided on our website, you may surprised to learn new things you haven’t seen anywhere else.  So we hope you will keep reading, visit often, learn much, and tell others about us.  We thrive off of word-of-mouth recommendations!

Consuming Real Food

Consuming fresh fruits and vegetables for vibrant health is no big secret. People from around the globe have been eating raw foods since the beginning of humankind. It has only been in the past two centuries, that we have begun to understand the power of nutrition and what that term really means to us today.  The sad truth is that many people in Western society, are profusely overeating WHILE BEING STARVED TO DEATH IN THE PROCESS. Sounds crazy, right?  It is a FACT.  Millions of people are pounding away bad foods every single day, gaining massive amounts of weight and are actually FACING MALNUTRITION. They can’t figure out how to lose weight and why they don’t feel well and big business is THRILLED about it.

If You Didn’t Know Bad Foods are Addictive, It’s Not Your Fault

When a body is overfed tonnes of garbage (i.e. fried foods, processed foods, junk food, etc.), on a regular basis, it’s no surprise it ceases to function properly. The thyroid, pituitary glands, lymph glands, nervous system and everything else begins to shut down, and with enough abuse, things can stop working.

Long before the world of big business, big pharma and corrupt Wall Street practices, food was exactly that… food.  Back in the day, most of us had some kind of access to some type of real food.  Regardless of one’s “station or status” in life, you could still visit your local market and buy fresh organic produce without breaking the bank.  Whether you were rich or poor, educated or not, foreign or domestic, young or old, male or female, a person could have access to real food and clean water. Sadly, this is NOT the case today. 

Big business has been allowed to control and dominate what we eat and drink.  Over the years, they have ushered in fake, processed junk food filled with utter garbage.  They label it as “real food” and saturate us with poison, all in the name of big profits.  The “big food” industry is covering up the truth, while cashing in on billions and billions of dollars at your expense.  They keep the masses sick, uneducated and poisoned with bad food, water and chemicals, In short, they are killing the people for profit. Will you be one of their next victims? Say no to the big food industry!

Understanding Food Engineering

Food engineering as we know it has been around since the early to mid 1950s. Those early days of scientists conjuring up crazy food concoctions in a cold dark lab under some dingy university basement were a far cry from today’s criminal practices on the big, mainstream level. Engineered food and beverages are infiltrating our stores and restaurants at an alarming rate, and most people have no clue it’s happening to them. Ingredients like manufactured high fructose corn syrup, countless preservatives, cancer-causing additives, horrible chemical sweeteners like saccharine and aspartame, and other garbage, are being thrown into our food supply right under our noses.  Disguised as “science,” these poisons are permeating everything we ingest and contributing to scores of diseases, illnesses and disorders.  Millions of people who believe they getting proper nutrition are stunned when they learn otherwise.  These companies understand the power of suggestive advertising and rely on fake buzz terms, such as, “fat free” or ” all natural” to convince buyers to buy their toxic products. These are baseless brainwashing decoys, which is very sad and very scary.

As our grandparents taught us, “if it doesn’t grow, we probably shouldn’t eat or drink it.” This simple practice has allowed humans to flourish for a millennia. Unfortunately, the food industry has successfully convinced the world to ignore this fact, which makes them rich and you sick or dead.  So make a conscious decision to get out from underneath the “big food industry” choke-hold. You can do it easier than you think!

How Was This Allowed to Happen?

Planned, controlled, silent genocide. Wall Street companies and a number of world governments are in league together to “feed us lies,” while feeding us fake food; GMO, cancer-causing chemicals, poisonous antibiotics, and a myriad of other garbage are literally being shoved down our throats.  Big food, big pharma and big retail companies are getting richer and richer, while the people suffer. They have studied the science of how to make people addicted to poison disguised as food. They are corporate gangsters and they have one driving mission; to force you into what is known as the “sell-addict-kill” cycle. They feed you poison, steal your money, kill you off (slowly), and make room for the next crop of new consumers, which starts the cycle starts all over again.  The sad truth is the one-percenter agenda has made human beings into monsters. We are killing our beautiful planet, we are killing ourselves and each other, which means some harsh realities for all of today’s living creatures: 

  • Trees, crops, plants and soils are toxic.
  • Animals and sea life are dying in rapid numbers.
  • Air quality and climate are getting worse.
  • Global warming, greenhouse gases and rips in our ozone layer are harming the planet at an alarming rate.
  • Humans are dying younger again for the first time in many years.

These are just some of the issues we face, but the last thing we want to do predict doom. There is always hope if everyone does their part to contribute to the greater good. But if we don’t change our ways RIGHT NOW on an individual and collective level, we will lose what so many good people have tried to accomplish. When you support the junk food companies, you are saying YES to your own genocide, the genocide of your family and loved ones, and the genocide of the entire planet. Stand up and claim your right to real food and let’s take our planet back from the corporate gangsters!

There is Always Hope If We Ban Together

If we want to save the planet and save ourselves, we must start NOW and it must start with each of us doing our part.  That means eating right and eating less, exercise more, drive less, get outside more, take walks or bike rides, meditate or pray, relieve stress, spend less money on frivolous things, invest in your health, learn how to love again, live simply, clean and de-clutter your home or office, recycle, reduce your carbon footprint, care about your world you live in, teach your children well, be kind to others, become a better person, evolve, thrive

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